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I play Drakensang Online.

On January 30th (2014) I logged in to find that storage lockers were on sale. Having purchased "all the lockers" for my other two characters, I purchased it for my third ($27.99 USD).

On login, I got the 'package' delivered.

I got a message saying that I had already purchased this package (not true for this character) and was credited with 20K game currency.

If I had chosen to purchase game currency, that $27.99 USD should (according to their own store) have given me 24K game currency.

I filled out a support ticket, got no response. Two days later, submitted another one, and have been given a robo-message saying I received what I paid for.

I have now filled out a third ticket. As per the others, screenshots are attached but this time I had to write a note and take a screenshot of it to send it, as the reporting form has no space for descriptive input and can only have 3 attachments, limited to a few image file types.

If it goes no where (or worse), I'll call the San Francisco office @ 1 415-821-8100 and raise the roof.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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May I ask how you were able to send your complaints? Bigpoint is actually Germany-based (correct me if I'm wrong).

I spent some money recently about $50 for Extraordinary weapons and equips and gems and did not see any difference, a player half-way down my level easily beaten my hero. The worst part is their customer service instead of assisting a frustrated customer was accusing me of being belligerent or hostile (Funny how they used the word hostile to make me look bad) and have since been arguing with me unprofessionally no matter how many times I ask them to just close the ticket.

They are outside USA so I guess they feel invincible. I have saved our messages in a PDF format so when I complain I can show proof of their customer service and they started giving me warnings that I have no right to share the messages we had (That I have no right to share my Gmail messages?)

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