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My complaint concerns a German company who offers free on-line gaming.

The company is BigPoint, the game in question , Dark Orbit.

I have spent about $450.00 on that site in the first month, but because of billing issues concerning bonuses on time sensitive offers despite their advertisement that ANY payment method was valid, I purchased a pre-approved credit card!

Do you know how they work ? you pay a fee and deposit money in an account.

You use the card and if you have the funds to cover the purchase, it goes through, if not , it gets refused . simple isn't it !

Well I made purchases ( and made sure the funds were in that account) and my purchases were accepted , but for some reason BigPoint cancelled one I made.

I did not get any warnings , any e-mails , any type of communication at all apart from trying to login one day and being locked out of my account .

"You're account has been suspended " is the only notice you get!

If there was a problem why then did that purchase go through?

If there was a problem why did 3 other purchases made after the fact go through using the same card?

And if there was a problem , why did I not get an e-mail ??

All very good questions! But apparently BigPoint doesn't think so because none of these were answered ! Either that or this is a common practice for them.

So now I'm out about $800.00 , 2 ½ months and can no longer play with my niece or nephew ( which is why I started playing to begin with! ) .

I have sent them the statement I received from MasterCard both to their billing and customer care and still I'm liable for it! No discussion , no one contacting by e-mail from their billing department, no manager contacting me to try to resolve this, just locked out!

So my main complaint is this company has unethical practices , imagine if this was done to a child!

To me this is extortion !

Since that time there has been another instance of a cancelled transaction!

So if I would have been able to pay ( which I couldn't because they can't provide me with the needed information ) my account would have been locked out again! And again I would have had to pay! Meanwhile it takes 16 days for the money to be returned to my pre-paid Credit Card account!

My statement is available for anyone to view ! They have several copies of that file.

It doesn't correspond with what I have received from MasterCard, They wont explain it and keep insisting I made a purchase on the 12th of April yet my statement clearly shows the 11th and also clearly shows they took 19.06 and then tried for another 103.88 for the same transaction!

They took my money and tried taking out more , but I didn't account for an extra $19.00 so I believe this is what caused the issue , yet they refuse to even accept responsibility or partial responsibility.

I purchased the card based on a recommendation made by their support team!

BigPoint are extortionists, how else would you explain accepting a purchase and then canceling it , without warning or notice and then demand you pay funds to a collection agency , Now after this time I went to the site to see what I now owed ( according to them) and am now being accused of fraud if I don't pay!

How can a pre-approved credit card be fraudulent ???

They are most unethical and I believe borderline criminal business practices and I hope your site can do something about it. Warn people that this could happen to them too .

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Ditto, same deal with Clash of Clans. Two ninty dollar, unauthorized charges to my credit card, umprofessional support and unethical, unprofessional practices are a norm.

Game? Hardly.

Scam? Obviously


my name is sarcastic assassin on east one well i started another account because my main was banned due to me beefing up my security and changing emails on my main well then i started a 2nd account and spent 12k on that just to get back up in the 100 well not a day after i hit 86 in top user ranking i got banned again for multi accounting fortunately support caught the smod who banned both my account and he is no longer a smod but after both of my account got unbanned 2 weeks went by i got both accounts banned because i passed another smod in top user ranking and took the 2 star in both eic and mmonow both accounts are banned both accounts that i created and those nazi *** got away with a little over 22k in total between both accounts but they did give my accounts back again due to that apparently being my first warning and now 1 account my main is a basic major after they stripped all my lf4s and bo2s back down to lvl 1 along with my 4 complete base set ups. point of the story dont spend money on big point let them rot away and when they sell theyre company for the 15th time since 2002 offer them a penny and make it better XD


I read this and i had something simulair

Someone got on my account, used fast-pay (apparently you can make your purchase without entering any details.. okay its nice if your details are stored on your computer...

but its not)

Someone could make transactions without having access to my payment method i used to pay on darkorbit.. meaning they could pay without entering credit card details, email, paypal with password

Basicly it means bigpoint staff can login to my account, make payments and blame it on a 3rd party member and that is my responsebility? Im responseble for bigpoint having my accoumt data stored?

if you read this and still are a "happy" costumer of bigpoint...

i advise you to change ypur paypal password, change your creditcard.. and get the *** out of that "game"




Dark Orbit OR Dark ConI've been playing Dark Orbit for the past 9 months. My game play ethos has always been not to spend any real currency in order to become fully elite.

Today I became fully elite but within 30 minutes of achieving this Dark Orbit introduced me with a 30 day instant ban for no reason, I asked for detail relating to the suspension and an that request resulted in an additonal 60 day ban, furthermore there are threats to ban for life should I seek additonal information. In summary, Dark Orbit is all one big rip off. The game is designed to suck in players so the spend their hard earned cash, but if you manage to fight the urge and show your true grit without using real currency to upgrade and become fully elite they ultimately don't making anything from you, but rather than be honest and upfront they introduce bans which are completely unjustified.

Their adminsitrators and customer service staff are as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. Ultimately you judge for yourself, but I'll be keeping clear of Dark Orbit and Big Point.


I would like to report the unethical business practice I just became aware of the MetroPCS has done. I am a single parent and I have two kids.

My daughter who just turned 15 years old decided to activate a phone that her two friends gave her without my permission. I couldn't imagine that MetroPCS would activate that phone without all the necessary information that most cell companies require and ask for. But they did, without a parents permission. They admitted it to me when I went in and inquired about it.

I asked them to please disconnect the account, I never gave my authority and/or permission. They needed the cell phone number, her name, and her password code? No cell company that I know of asks for a password code. Well I gave them the phone number, her name and her birthdate, but that I didn't have her password code.

She is a minor and I never consented. There has to be an exception to their policy because she is a minor and I never consented. They said they couldn't disconnet it without that password code.

This is absurd and I know there are so many parents and single parents out there who would agree that this is bad business practice, very unethical. I want justice and I want that phone disconnected immediately!


I was scammed by them too! I signed up for the Netflix free trial offer during MHH.

I was suppose to have received 108,000 uridium, but I only got 36,000. I've been at battle with them for the last week now via email and have barely gotten anywhere. I threaten to seek out a lawyer, now their sending me to another support department they have.

I'm definitely realizing now that they are fickle, and probably money launder. I would definitely advise everyone to not use their credit card.


i have spent over $4000 on this game and was perma ban from chat for saying drop dead. only reason i was ban was because i was at war with the clan all the mods are in. and i want my money back


I am also having problems, I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the BBB, and scam book . com, and I recommend that all of you others who are being robbed by this company to do the same.

Please check out forums.pinkfuzzy.net/smf/index.php/board,17.0.html, We have started a discussion thread there as well, I also made a petition over the abusive practices of support.

When I did this tech. at dark orbit did not ban my account they broke it.


On 7/3/2011 Somebody *** into my darkorbit account's then change my user name listed above and password. I log off at 11pm central time US on 7/2/2011 and everything was fine. Until I get a call from my credit card companies on asking if I had made these purchases to bigpoint.com I was confused at first and started asking question's on the day and times. This all had happen on 7/3/11 I even have the billing email confirmation's from darkorbit. and I did not make any purchases on 7/2/11.

Whats really funny is that my computer was not on and I was not online at the time these so called purchases happen that day. At that time I told my credit cards to not let those go thru due to the fact I did not authorize them. Thank goodness that my credit card company has bigpoint.com flag. In good faith I reported this to darkorbit support right away. Of course you get the standard email reply. I have now written support 3x and always the same only it gets more insulting and imitation on there end..I even said to them I would report this to the FCC but with out blinking a eye support tells me I'm in charge of my account and security that I should of never involved a 3rd party..Well the only 3rd party_that has my credit card info and password and email address is Darkorbit. Well duh darkorbit do you think I would give my password out to anybody when I have a credit cards listed on your site they must think I'm ***!

As a darkorbit player and I have been playing this game since 7/2008. As the paying customer I did not think I would have this much trouble. I would like to also say this- I have spent alot and I mean alot of money on this game. In fact I can prove this also because darkorbit sent me by email the welcoming me into the players club.. They only send this when you have spent over a certain dollar amount.

So I don't play darkorbit or any of the bigpoint games. I have made this my goal to get the word out that darkorbit are frauds,cheats, theft by swindle and any other words pertaining to crooks.

I have bought and paid for the ships I play on there so called secured servers. Well if this is how there security is. I only wish I can give darkorbit. a few tips or pointers in how to make there security better.


After a year and a half game, poured huge sums of money, the worst happens, stolen account. I do not enterthe game in two months and then it turned out my account ..is gone - deleted.

Comply with all rules. It turned out that one insider has changed part of my story.

Now to file a civil action and start litigation. Write to my mail:e_planet@abv.bg I will sue them!


.i am the second best player in all the server exepct one that is poland 3 i am the 3 best player in poland 3 server.IF ANYONE REALLY HAVE A GOLIATH [or] VENGENCE SEND YOU USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO gkbenfranklin@yahoo.com


bp robbed me as well.i paid for six months premium and they removed it after 3 months,no refund or explanation support are useless they said they cannot find record of purchase even though i sent them paypal unique code.

thieving germans


joined this site \/\/\/


i have had two accounts baned becouse of supposed boting and i dont even have a bot program on my pc and not onley that i found out that bigpoint sells bot programs for there games i think we nead to get togother and start a class action lawsuit i know of three other people that will join me if one gets going

my e-mail



Class action Lawsuit against Bigpoint. They have taken my money long enough. Rude support and no morals


Update !!!!

Just received my cheque back from Mastercard, $100.00 or so.

So BigPoint kicked me out and KEPT over $400.00 of purchases made after the fact!!! Oh did I not mention that I made more purchases with the same card? Yes i did.

Anyway they returned only $100.00 to Mastercard!!!! Seriously!!!

Therefore I must correct myself , they are criminals, and they are fraudsters.

People it's simpple. Play BigPoint games and get robbed out of your time and money.

Anyone who plays this game after a family member or good friend got screwed like this is a twad. Dont be a twad, stay away from DO and BigPoint!!!! Because eventually they will make a point of stealing your money.


Have to agree with the complains mentioned on this website. I been playing this game for about two years its a great game but there is corruption in the practices that going.

This not a game of skill but game of money that if you don't watch yourself your investment in this game could be losted. I do believe they control the playing field for their advantage to make more money and unfortunately lately its been a game of hate.

If your choose to pay this game don't and I stress don't invest your money no matter what and if play do the quests stay off the chat and don't spend your money! I would not let my children play this game it might turn them into monsters!


It is all good though bigpoint games are all dieing, either their customers were banned or they know somebody else was banned for no reason. Gamers tend to find these things out and go elsewhere.

Hey does anybody got google stock? well ditch it, googlem yahoo and facebook are investors in bigpoint... ditch any stocks that you have with these companies.

Lets call it a precurser because only an fool would invest into something and not watch their investments. These companies will fail and not just because of bigpoint but because they are not watching their investments as they should


I must admit I have never seen so many children in my life. In reference to the workers at bigpoint.

Their GOs are trigger happy and ban people for everything or anything possible. Their staff is insultive to their players. One would think to try to report to bigpoint or comment.

You will be banned if you do so. Friend do not let friends play bigpoint games, free or otherwise you will be banned for your efforts

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